Here are the highlights of the great things available at Mission General Store:

Mission General Store is a market store, not a big box store. We offer great service, a wonderful deli & lots of 
variety. We offer quality affordable products, many not offered locally. Our staff is always friendly & helpful. 
This is just a partial list of what is available:

Troyer Meats: Over 40 varieties of deli meats in stock daily, which include slow roasted beef, oven roasted 
turkey, bone on the ham, Cajun chicken breast, trail bologna, sweet Lebanon bologna, corned beef, head 
cheese,and hickory smoke bacon. We will custom slice your order to your specifications. Troyer - quality at an affordable price.

Troyer Cheese: With over 65 varieties of cheese, from small quality production cheese makers. Taste is always number one.

                                                            Wilcoxson Ice Cream: A Montana favorite. It is the official ice cream of Yellow Stone Park. We offer it by                                                               the scoop, the box & tubs. Don't forget to try our new ice cream toppings.
                                                            Fresh Produce: We offer a fresh fruit & vegetable section. Our Goal at Mission General Store is to try to                                                               stock as much local product as possible when in season. Always fresh, always tastes good.
                                                           Mission General Store own Jams, Jellies & Butters: Made in small batches for flavor. All made with
                                                           cane sugar, NO HIGH FRUTOSE CORN SYRUP, no artificial colors.
                                                            Mission General Store own Pickled Vegetables, Eggs, Fruits, Jams & more. All old fashion Amish family                                                               recipes. All made in small batches for flavor. Think zesty asparagus, baby pickled beets, corn salsa,                                                                       crunchy pickles, and so much more.

Dutch Valley Foods - A Touch of Dutch - truly natural foods: No refined sugar, no table salt, no corn syrup, no artificial corn sweeteners, and the NO list goes on. We offer in bulk natural soups, dips, seasonings, baking ingredients, noodles & much more.

Fresh Ground Nut Butters: yes, we offer more than fresh peanut butter without the preservatives. Our offering 
includes hazelnut, chocolate peanut butter, butterscotch, & honey cashew to name a few.

Dobson Creek Coffee: We offer this local favorite in whole bean & ground freshly ground beans. We carry an 
extensive line-up of single origin coffees as well as a number of blends created by Dobson Creek. 
Dobson Creek is "artisan micro-roaster" specializing in small roast batches to ensure flavor & quality. 

Spices: We offer a large variety of spices and seasonings. We have bulk seasonings, Montana’s own Alpine 
Touch, and an Amish favorite Weavers Dutch Country Seasonings. We also offer Celtic Sea Salts.

Bulk & Specialty Foods: All we can say is wow, we even impress ourselves. Here is partial list: Dried fruits & 
Vegetables, bulk  Amish made noodles, candy, Rob’s Red Mill specialty flours, baking supplies, soup bases, 
snacks, Giannios chocolates, and more.
                                                         General Products: A true market general store wouldn’t be complete 
                                                         without a quilt & fabric section, sewing supplies, rhythm clocks, and 
                                                         Amish crafted rockers. 

                                                         Cook Books: We offer a great collection of cookbooks, many of the authors are Amish or other faith based                                                              authors.Published by smaller independent publishers.

                                                        Alternative Heath Aids: This includes Yoder Good Health, Unkers salve, B&W ointment, Buried Treasure                                                                 Aller  Ease& also Stress Be Gone, Roath’s oil of herbs & family tincture, McNess Aromatic compound, &                                                                 coconut oil. Don't forget a local favorite - Caleb Treeze Organic Farm Stop Leg Cramps Now.

                                                        Huckleberry Products. We are offering a local favorite, huckleberry products. 
                                                        This includes pie filing, honey, ice cream topping, jam, and more. 

Sewing & Quilting Center. We now have devoted a complete aisle for material & your sewing supplies needs.

Closeouts & Discounted Groceries: We make an extra effort to offer affordable food that is in surplus. We then pass on the savings to you. The stock is always rotating and the bargains are real.
Mission General Store
61307 Watson Road,
St. Ignatius, MT 59865
hours: 9am to 5:30pm Monday - Friday
9am to 5pm Saturday
(closed Sundays)
Mission General Store
61307 Watson Road,
St. Ignatius, MT 59865
Hours: 9am to 5:30pm Monday - Friday
9am to 5pm Saturday
(closed Sundays)
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